The old flour mill which has been totally rehabilitated is located in the spectacular surroundings by the borders of the river Vadillo, in the middle of nature outside the small town of Villacorta. The building that still has its original thick stone walls and the rustic characteristic of its origins offers the guest a warm welcome. It stands out for its rustic red walls and the decoration has been done like the old mills. Many more things make “El Molino” a special inviting place, where it combines rural tradition and a first rate treatment towards the guest .The guest have at their disposal a 120 sq meter living-room with chimney, a library, an area for playing games, reading and conversation where the original machinery that was in the mill is still kept .Outside its beautiful terrace and large garden with the river near by, invites you to rest and relax. In the winter you can also enjoy the wonderful view from the window in the living-room.